Documents needed

To get married on Bornholm you need to send us an email with a copy of the following documents from both parties, at the latest 4 weeks in advance:

If either of you have been married before, you will also need to send a finale divorce decree (must be less than four months old when you send it) or death certificate. If one of these documents is not issued in English, German or Danish, it must be submitted in two versions: the original, and a translation into either English, German or Danish. The translation must be done by an educated translator.

When we receive the documents, we will have them checked by the local authorities. If further documentation or legalization is necessary, we will contact you. When everything is approved, we will confirm your wedding date by email.

Please note, that you need to arrive no later than two days before the wedding with all your original documents. If the wedding is Saturday, Sunday or Monday, you need to arrive no later than Thursday 11 am. The original documents must be presented to the local authorities for final approval.

Easy travelling

It is easy and fast to go to Bornholm by plane and ferry and we have many different possibilities of accommodations.