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I do Bornholm has its office in Svaneke, where J.N. Madvig, the author of the original Danish bourgeois wedding ritual, was born (1804).

Laila Lund
I come from Copenhagen, but I have lost my heart to Bornholm – in more than one sense. Now you find me in Svaneke, where I do Bornholm has its office. Both in Copenhagen and now on Bornholm, I have worked with marketing, press and coordination in the media, tourist- and culture industry.
+45 2337 1797

Lene Koefoed
I was born and raised on Bornholm and know the island very well. After almost 18 years in Copenhagen I returned to Bornholm with my family and I am happy to be back. I have arranged and coordinated several cultural events and festivals both in Copenhagen and on Bornholm.
+45 2645 8810

Easy travelling

It is easy and fast to go to Bornholm by plane and ferry and we have many different possibilities of accommodations.